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This blog is run by one only person but every now and then I would need help, feedback and third parts to give this place a refreshing and modern look. 

I would like to thank: Alice aka Scarred Loretta for her awesome header and feedback to make this place a better place. You all should visit her blog with all creations, she's a pro! Thank you endlessly for your help! 💜

Thanks to Mark, Nicola and Angela for their stories, all the stories about to come!

Thanks to everyone following this site on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook- you make my day every day with your support.

Thanks to all the peepz suscribed for their input and warm words for this site, Andy and myself. 💚 I love so much getting your emails!

Thanks Buffy-boards and Allen Frances Doyle for sharing my page on their sites.

And although it is cliche, it is true: I thank Andy for being such an awesome and talented man, a funny and so easy admirable person. Wherever you are hope you enjoy reading this place. You inspire me so many good things!

And thank you all who visit, randomly or regular. You give me wings to keep dreaming and creating!

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