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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Happy Second Anniversary.... to me!

Two years I started this site. You can check it, first entry was on November 6th 2016. 😲

Two days before my birthday I remember watching the Slayerfest Youtube video and since then, my life has not been the same. 😍

My heart felt like it find a little light that flooded it all. It felt like it was back in one piece.

And as strange as it is, right after that it broke into a million pieces. It will recover from the pain and then again, broke again.💚

For months it's been like that. I'm not sure it healed already.

This site is my therapy. It is the place where I keep coming back, the place where Andy still lives among us. He is still here. Somehow.😇

Probably the blame's on me for denying the reality. But how can you accept it?.😓

I can only think of the pain all friends and family must has suffered and suffer now today. I can only apologize for being so blind and selfish. 😩🙏

One of the risks of this site is the constant feeling of being alone in this. I mean, I know there are many people that still remember him, still think of him. They just don't go on the Internet and spread out, right?.😌

I am sorry if anyone is hurt with my words. I feel I need to let this all out. I need to do this for my own good the best way I know.💚

Two years ago all started. It all started ending. Now I can only expect brilliant things to come.😊

Thank you for being part of this . Here's to lot more ! 🙆

Ginny xx

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