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Thursday, October 25, 2018

When I thought I was going to have a heart attack! πŸ’š

It happened. 

I never thought it would. Ok, that's not exactly like that. I expected to happen sometime but I completely forgot It could happen. I was too focus on my career (again), on my family on my present, on my pure joy of living today and not the past or present that I completely forgot something else could happen. Beautiful wonders of Internet.

But I tell you something, past always knocks on you when you least expect. It always happen.

A very lovely lady contacted through Instagram. This site's Instagram.

She told she found my site and liked it. 

She is friend of Andy's mum, Laurie. She also told me Laurie knew about this site (😱).

If you are suscribed to this site (and are part of Facebook and/or Andy Hallett Online Community) you might have read already about this. I needed to share here because it's been over a week since it happened, my emotions are back to normal, I have calm down and I can see how much of a shock that was. Still is, but as I said, life moves on and there's so much to celebrate!! Celebrate what Andy was and still is for so many people.

I truly believe this.

So this lovely lady sent me a message from Laurie herself: " thank you for always remembering my son !". And sent a couple of photos of Andy you sure you'll love as much I do.

Afterwards she told me to add Laurie to my Facebook,  she sent me a message, I answered......

It all happen so fast I think I handled everything pretty well πŸ˜‚

It was all so emotional. Thank God I had my friend on Nantucket to do some crazy talk and deal with this the best way.πŸ’š

Eventually my world staggered for a moment but a song reminded of my way in life. More on this on my next post 😊

Life seems pretty damn perfect now.  And this site's and its events have lot to do with it.

Just little reminder we are having a watch and comment episode next month, so stay tune for full details coming up very soon.

If you love Andy, make sure you join the Andy Hallett Online Community on Facebook and Forum. If You don't want to miss a thing and get some personal notes (in your Inbox) from  me then you should suscribe here as well.

If you know any person that would love this place, share with them and let make this big ! Thanks a bunch for helping me in this !! πŸ’š

See you all very soon.


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