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Friday, March 30, 2018

The world moves on, I don't 💔

I am feeling the world is moving on, the memories are melting away. 9 years ago Andy left us orphaned  of laughter, joy and light.💔

Sadly or fortunately, I am far to do that. 😟

Once you have gone through your own mourning it's time to move on with your life and though you will never forget, you prefer to live for him. I completely understand but forgive me for mourning my way - just like Frank Sinatra will sing!🎤

Yesterday was a day of bittersweet moments but despite of the absence I noticed, I also noticed -still- lots of love for Lorne and Andy Hallett and that also gives me hope and joy for a future of light. The messages I read around from all of you that always makes me both sad and happy! How loved Andy was, how people still remember him with such fond feelings. 

Despite some sadness is always around these days, my heart always feels warm for the love and the "new" likes on my Facebook Page! Getting some love for Andy always cheers me up. Thinking, believing he is getting all the love makes me so happy!  (Yes, I believe he gets it! He gets all our love-vibes for him!).

I know I am just a drop in the vast ocean 💧, I know I am so small and insignificant in the world and maybe I will get nowhere with this but I honestly feel I need to throw some light in my (and your) life.🌈

To all those who follow me, have suscribed and are happy with this Andy Hallett tribute, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these moments with me - they are more to come, you know that!  Thanks for being my accomplice on this journey of light! 🌞

If you are new here and you don't want to miss a thing of this site suscribe here and join the fun is remembering the most amazing human ever existed! 💘

Happy Easter and weekend!

Ginny xx

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