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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Join the 2018 Lorne Game!

From March 1st 2018 this Andy Hallett Site is running a little competition for seven months with two winners and two awesome prizes. I've called it The Lorne Game! 😋

Main thing here's to have fun and remember Andy through his iconic character.


1st Prize 🥇- A softy, beautiful, comfy Andy Hallett and Lorne 15'74"x 15'74" cushion.

2nd Prize 🥈 - A beautiful 9'44"x9'24" Andy Hallett and Lorne sticker.

How to take part

This is going to be very easy and fun way to have a chance to win one of these prizes while you help to keep Andy's light up. All you have to do is to contribute to this page. But don't freak out! There are many, many ways to do it!

Tip: the more points you collect, the more chances to win

📖 Your Story - 20 POINTS - Have you ever met Andy? Got an autograph or duet with him? You got some first-hand reference of the man himself- Show here! Send in your photo, story, video and/or autograph with your name and city to my email (click here). Every month I will be sharing one! NOTE: This does NOT mean you are one of the winnerss!.

😈 Cosplays - 20 POINTS - Have you ever cosplayed Lorne or a Lornette at a party, convention or for fun at home? We all gotta see that! Send in your photos with date, name of the event/party/place (or if you did this specially for this game!) and your name and city to my email (click here). I will definitely be sharing some of my faves on the site! NOTE: again, this does NOT mean you are winning the game but definitely someone truly devoted!.😁

Writing Talents- 20 POINTS - Maybe you are good at writing? You ever wrote a poem to Lorne or Andy? Here's your chance to win this game and get one of those prizes! Send in some of your writing art with your name and city to my email (click here).

🖼 Good at Drawing - 20 POINTS - Send in all your Lorne and Andy portraits to my email (click here) with your name and city. Make sure to put your name on the draw!

🄶 Creative Minds - 20 POINTS - If you are good at making photo collages, banners, gifs etc this is your chance to show off your talent and love for Lorne and Andy by sending your original creations. Make sure you put your name on them! Maybe you can create a seasonal header for the site, an alternative header for Christmas or alternative header with different photos, or gifs with your favourite Lorne or Andy quotes. Only Original works. Send them to my email (click here) with your name and city.

👪 Attend The Site's Events - 15 POINTS - The more you are attend, the more points! We have at least one event each month of the year so this easy way to gain some extra points and have some in the way! Join the chatroom and let me know when the event ends to add those 15 points to your score. Click here to see the Event's calendar.

📰 Suscribe - 15 POINTS - By suscribing to the site you will be the first to know all the updates on the site, stories, events and more. All of them to tribute Andy Hallett (and Lorne). For those you are already suscribers share all my newsletters on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #GiveMeMoreLorne and mention me so I can see your shares and update your scores! The more you share, the more points you get ! Make sure to let me know you are in the game to update your score! Email me here.

📱 Friends Recommendation - 10 POINTS - Recommend a friend to suscribe to the site and follow me on Twitter, Facebook and/or IG. Make sure I get the email (click here) with your friends name so I know he/she comes from you. Mention me on the social networks so I know that my new follower is a recommendation from you. Other Option: Got a Personal blog? Write about the site, Andy and the game. Share the link with me and add some extra easy points to your score. 😀

🠞 Follow me on Social Networks - 5 POINTS - Facebook, Twitter and IG. Make sure to DM me after that so I update your score. ☝

The Lorne Game starts on March 1st 2018. 

Ending Date: Saturday 2nd October 2018.

Counting votes: Saturday 13th Octuber 2018. 

Winners Announcement: Sunday 28th October 2018. Check your email by 9pm UK time to know the results of the game.

Get ready for a super awesome year! Only a month to go for this!🙌

Are you in?. 🙋

Thanks for sharing and Good luck! 🍀

Ginny xx

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete. 

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