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Friday, January 26, 2018

Getting life back to normal...

My life's been kind of chaotic lately. Christmas was the time when many changes started and I'm still adapting to the new life coming. Nothing and everyting can happen now. Quitting many things and starting new ones.

Due to all this I have not had the time to sit and watch all the Lorne episodes I'd had wished. Today, though, has been the first time I could watched First Impressions again - how much I miss watching this show and oh boy, that song in Lorne's voice!

You might have noticed my little absence for a while but as you know, I have been planning the new year and I promise to be sharing all news very soon.

For the moment you can visit the events sections to save the date for all coming events
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There are many surprises coming so stay tune! You are going to love this ! Just trying to to make some time in these days, but everything will get back to normal very soon.

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See you next week

Ginny xx

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