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Friday, January 12, 2018

Get ready for an Awesome Lorne/Andy Year!

The new year has begun quite hectic to me. There are many things going on in my life right now: many changes, many more personal and professional projects, life missions that will see the light sometime in the future.

Finally I have been able to sit down and plan the year ahead. I can tell you is going to be an awesome and very exciting year! 

As you may already know, all my work here is to keep Andy's memory alive and ruling this world, just like he was never gone. We all missed him so dearly that this little space on this virtual world shall be the place to celebrate his life, keep the memories and sharing the love and laughter that Andy always was.

As you see below the calendar is mark in RED for a monthly Watch and Comment Episode (1 different Episode each time) and in GREEN for the events like marathons or special dates that have different celebration styles than the ones in RED. I will be posting this on the EVENTS section at the site.

If you want to receive my personal reminders suscribe HERE and choose Option A for 1/month Events reminders (Web Updates 1/week), B for 1/week (Web updates,1/week), C for 1/month (Web updates 1/month  , D for 1/week (Web updates, 1/month).

I can tell you as well, there are going to be more surprises during the year, so make sure to check regular or suscribe so you won't miss a thing!

Thanks all for your amazing support over the whole 2017. Here's to a new awesome year! 

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete. 

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