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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Let me Introduce you ...

... to Andy Hallett

This is the funny name I chose for this special event, a day to celebrate that 18 years ago Hush was first released (Decemeber 14th).

Since the moment I knew and saw Andy was an extra at the episode of Season 4. I admit that I see it now with with a slightly different colour.

Season 4 of Buffy is actually one my favourite seasons of Buffy. I always thought her relationship with Angel kind of toxic and purely romantic and intense, but harmful. In this season she finally gets some different love interest and though there are many opinions about if Riley was good or not for Buffy, the truth is that he helped her to go through the tortuous path of forgetting the love of her life because they can't be together...

Next December 30th, Saturday, at 1.30pm UK time, we are watching and commenting this episode the site. This would be so much fun and the kickstart will be my Twitter Live (Only Twitter, this time!) showing the exact moment and point where Andy shows up as an extra. Afterwards, we can spend the rest of the 30 minutes of the episode watching and commenting the awesomeness of Joss Whedon creating this and sharing our favourites.

Join me !

Click here to comment with us and HERE to watch Live Twiter.

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