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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Calendar with all Events Posted

There's no need to say more. It took me a couple of days to set up the whole calendar with all posts and events coming up.  I'm sure you don't want to mis a thing, right?

Well, remember you can set up reminders on the events you are interested in. 

This month there's one big event happening. One of the favourite episodes anniveresary. We will have a whole week of celebration to get your Spin in The Botttle photos, gifs and favourite quotes ready to share all around the Internet place.

In December there's one major event: the MAHP site's Anniversary.  I am celebrating with all followers and suscribers this awesome month. An Andy Hallett Marathon and a competition for the chance to win some awesome Andy Hallett/Lorne prizes.

Set up your reminders visiting the calendar by visiting this link or if you want all posts and updates on your Inbox first, visit the Suscribe NOW and join the MAHP family - you will be all posted about any news and update on this place.

Thanks again for visiting and reading. Hoping to see you in all the MAHP EVENTS!

If you like this post, as well as this site, please share with your friends and recommend to any Lornettes and Andy Hallett devotees.

Ginny xx

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