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Monday, October 09, 2017

What smooths my heart 💚

Nothing smooths more me than following my heart. 💚

What smooths my heart, ease my life, brighten my soul...

1- As weird as it sounds; Country music. Lately I have been following some Country artists. It is weird because I don't have any American roots or family in there (as far as I know).

2- Andy's giggles. I do resist to let go him completely. His giggles make me so good

3- Yesterday I watched again Some time, some place. It warms my heart to see Buffy and Willow's friendship. That's true frienship, one of a kind, as rare as true love.

4- Deep warm hug from lifetime buddy, my husband 🤗💑

5- Good movie with some soda and some popcorn🍿

6- Good music and a good music (took me almost 36 years to find this was so true!)📗🎶

7- Andy's voice. 

8- A good glass of wine 🍷

9- Endless hours with my eyes watching the sea waves 🌊

10- Watching the stars🌠 in the silence of the night (far from the big city).

What tips would you give to find those happy moments that we all need?.🙋 Thanks for sharing it with me. 🙂

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