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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Next Event: Life of The Party 14th Anniversary 🎉🎉

Event Date: Sunday October 29th, 2017. 5.30 pm - UK time.

14 years ago today Life of The Party was first released! One of the best Lorne episodes, one of the funniest of the show as well. One of the best Andy's performances.

And what a better way to celebrate Andy’s life than celebrating such important date all over the world and the Internet, anywhere you are!

Watch the episode with me at 5.30pm –Uk time and join the chatroom. 

Remember to save the date: Sunday October 29th 2017. 5.30pm - UK time. 

Lorne and Angel visitin Archduke Sebassis

Share and recommend this event to all fans you know! Let's party!🎉🎉 Thanks for sharing

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