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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Tribute, My Therapy

I can't believe it's been a year since all started for me. A year ago I remember I was watching Season 3 of Angel for the first time. Since then, there has not been a day I haven't watched an episode of Angel. I still can't get enough of all of it.

All this year has been a wonderful year of discovering an amazing person and incredibly talented man.That man that I discovered a year ago. A year ago when I started this blog and tribute page was almost my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, must have said life. Let me introduce you to someone that will change your life forever. How on time, you damned!

Along this year I have cried so many times, I have laugh so hard, I have dreamed so high,I have hoped and done so many things. My mind has always been a beehive of ideas and projects: some have come real and some others are waiting the right moment to see the light. I have met some nice people.

I have dreamed sometimes about Andy. Some maybe because I made it happened, some others were uncrontolled and yet I wonder if they were only dreams, or just something more. I want to believe they were something more, maybe I just got the answer I needed when needed. 

...and how I love that happening! This is the way I feel connected to Andy (though sounds crazy).

After this happened, I decided to write about it because maybe you don't know the reason why I have this page. Of course, it's not only a tribute to Andy, my own little tribute. But also this is my therapy to make sure I won't got nuts with the whole reality (you know, that one when you realise Andy is not here anymore but then you choose not to live in that reality  and make up your own).

This whole year was a whole year of challenging moments, moments of light. And despite I feel I am alone in this, the truth is I was never alone. I am never alone.

A year ago my whole life changed. My whole world shaked and it has never felt the same ever after.

So if you are reading this, If you have come this far, you should know that (in case you didn't know) two days before Christmas this site went public and for the whole month of December I will be celebrating this special anniversary with a competition with some nice Andy-related prizes and an Andy Marathon... and maybe you want to join me in this party!

I can't believe it's been a year ago already! And how damn I miss Andy. 

Thanks for reading.

See you soon!

Ginny xx

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