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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Twists of life.

This was the best summer ever... or so I thought so.

It would have been a really nice summer if some events never happenned in my country. It did screw up the end of some really nice summer time.

I swear it was going great. One of the best summers in many years. Music  is again constant in my laptop and phone - not much of it before my whole world turned upside down. I really feel that, as Giles would say, the Earth is doomed. 

Me, for a change, just pretending to send in some light in all people lives, sharing some of that sparkle that Andy brought to mine.

I do feel Andy close to me. I have been feeling him all summer long. I do know I am not alone in this new path I've just taken.

Yet all the feedback I have received from some you helps to keep fighting to keep the Andy Hallett legacy alive and fresh by this site, and with all your help.

Sometimes life gets hard but I keep fighting because I know it's worth everything I do in here. My heart just feels it is the right thing to do.

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