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Saturday, September 23, 2017

This Is Me - Song of the Month

Nothing to do with Andy, but if you read me regular, you know that for some reason this song will be connected.

Camp Rock is one of my favourite movies. This kind of things didn't happen when I was a kid, or at least, we didn't  get any in my country. Everytime I watch this movie (as well as High School Musical, though I prefer Camp Rock) it would remind me of my dreams when I was a teen, it would remind me of my love for music and everything connected with it.

Just like this song would speak to the lethargic artist in me, Andy would remind me of all this and why I used to love the whole thing so much. Just like Andy did and still does, this song speaks all about my dreams and the person I hope I'll be someday.

Maybe you feel the same, or maybe not. What I know for sure is Andy is the meaning of light and music that would speak to my heart and soul.

What you think about this song and movie? What song reminds you of Andy?. Thanks for your comments! I very much appreciate them. 🙂

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