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Friday, September 15, 2017

Be a Sister Site

I know there are so many sites, Twitter places, forums and Facebook Pages that can connect with the Buffyverse and Whedonverse. I would need a day with 72 hrs to explore all, shame I can't !

I thought this time I would ask you a little favour. Maybe you own a site, or you know a site (Facebook page, group, Twitter profile, forum etc), so please recommend them this, so we would exchange links and share posts, events or anything they do, I do. Mainly share the love of the Whedonverse.

Be a Sister Site is just this. Now it has a very little section, with a couple of links but I would like to be bigger and get more into all this amazing universe, and even make it its own page on the main menu!💚

I'm hoping that you can email me some places and recommendatios. Looking forward to this! 😀

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