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Friday, July 28, 2017

“He came across as someone really warm and fun”- Saltygoodness

I came up with this story while googling as usual for a Andy pic. I found some great pix and the story behind them.

So this one from a lady named Saltygoodness from her blog. Enjoy the photos and the story. Another little insight of our dear Andy.

“Wow! I can't believe it still, but yesterday I met Nick Brendon, Andy Hallett, Kelly Donovan, Adam Busch and William Shatner!!!! I thought I'd blog about it so I wouldn't forget any of it!

[I will only share the Andy Hallett one, though]

PART 1: Autographs

I headed up to the Collectormania event at Milton Keynes, arriving for about 11.30. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, having never been to one of these things before, and discovered when I got there that it wasn't actually a convention, but rather a huge market of sellers with various cult items for sale - figures, posters, comics etc, all in a large space in the centre of what has to be the largest mall in the UK. I did wonder what I was going to spend all day doing if this was the situation, but needn't have worried: it was time to queue for autographs!!!!

[…]I wandered around the place a bit, trying to get the lay of the land and to find out where I had to go to meet the others, who were, as it turned out, further down the mall. I have to say that using a mall to host an event like this seems like a really strange idea!!!! It was completely packed out and security must have been an absolute nightmare with so many thousands of people around. Not to mention, from my point of view, the simple act of getting from a to be in the midst of all those shoppers!


Next, it was a bit further down the mall to visit Nick & Andy. Andy was on a break, so I got myself a queue ticket for him and got in Nick's line, which was open & short! Within five minutes of joining the queue, there I was, standing in front of the man most famously recognisable as Xander L. Harris!!!!!!!!! OMG! He was happy and chatty & when I got him to sign a photo for my brother in New Zealand, he struck up a chat about how beautiful the country was supposed to be - it's like California, he said, isn't it? Except not hot and dry like LA? (or something like that; he was looking straight at me as he said this & the nerves were starting to take hold - standing two feet away from Xander!!!!!!!!!) Anyway, I wished him all the best and moved on. He looked really good too - buff (if you'll pardon the pun!) - broad across the shoulders etc and very relaxed. He was so nice to meet! I noticed that his eyes were a dark hazel and his hair quite gingery (is that natural? It looked to be, but I've not noticed his hair colour that way before...).

Andy was on a break & I was not allowed to queue for him yet since they were only up to 180 and I had drawn ticket no. 56-something...grrr! But Kelly's queue was empty (how much luck did I have yesterday, huh?!!!!!) so I went I met him. He was really cool too […]

Now the waiting bit...Andy was still not back from his break and I was, by this stage, quite peckish, so headed off for a breather, some food and a bit of a shop ( I now have OMWF on DVD, a OMWF poster & a set of AtS playing cards - woo hoo!)

When I arrived back at Andy's queue, I discovered it was only up to 300...sigh. I asked the event-person if I could sit & wait, & she said that was fine. So I sat...and waited...and waited...and in half an hour the queue numbers only moved up to 330. By this stage it was about 3.30pm & I was a bit worried that they would not get to my number before the BtVS & AtS talk (which was due to be held at 5pm). Tiredly, I decided to go for another wander around the mall while I waited, and said jokingly to the event-person as I got up 'See you in another half an hour.' 'No,' she replied, 'Go on...' and she directed me to the back of the queue! So, within five minutes, there I was, standing in front of Andy.

He was...just lovely! Cue my first inanity of the day. I had managed to appear in a state of cool, calm, collectedness in front of all the stars I had met so far, but in front of Andy, for some reason, my facade came a-crumbling down: he asked me how I was, & I mumbled (doh...yes, mumbled...) that I was having a fab time esp since I was going home in October & I was meeting him. He didn't hear me, so I repeated the inane blathering - horribly, feeling my colour rise - and he began gushing - something along the lines of 'I'm so glad, honey' etc... I think I wished him all the best for the rest of his trip & made a swift exit, my skin the shade of ripe red currants - soooo flattering... gulp...and I had hoped to ask him to pose for a photo with me!!!!! In any case, Andy is fabulous! Sweet, charming, gorgeous - dark hair (a bit Angel BtVS S1/2 in style, actually!) & eyes, dark style-y shirt, dark glasses perched on his head. Wow! I did, once my blood capillaries had resumed their normal size and colour, turn back to the queue and got a quick couple of candid shots of him signing other people's photos.

Phew!!!! Yay! That was the meeting & autograph session! Mucho - fantastico!

Stay tuned for part two later today...The Buffy and Angel Talk...

At 5pm, a 'Buffy & Angel Talk' was held in the easyCinema near the mall where the signings had taken place. It was loads of fun! The only unexpected thing was that Adam Busch didn’t attend :o( - I'm not sure why & no comment was made. In any case, Nick, Andy, Kelly & Stacey Scowley (Kelly's girlfriend who was in one early BtVS episode) were all there.

I had arrived about 10 minutes beforehand and the theatre was already more than half-full...I thought this would be a bad thing, but I ended up on the end of the row, on the aisle down which they all walked!

They bantered away & answered questions from the floor for a full hour & I laughed and laughed. My memory being appalling, I'll just jot down various bits and bobs / impressions as I remember them...

*Andy talked about how he always cuts his own hair - which the others insisted was probably a bad idea...I thought it looked fine!)

*when asked about whether or not they missed the others they worked on in the shows, Andy replied that he missed some and missed some a lot..later, in response to a question about whether or not they hang out with others from the shows still, he said that he still hangs out a lot with Alexis & Amy, whom he is making a video for at the moment & has been making since one day when on the set of AtS Alexis (I think, or J) stole his vid camera & went around filming people, asking them what they thought of him ( he said they were nasty!!! )

*Nick was asked to do the Snoopy dance...and he did it!!!! To rapturous applause & laughter! Andy was asked to sing, but he wouldn't...later on though, a member of the audience said that it was her birthday & that yesterday when he autographed her photo he had promised her he would; still VERY reluctant, Andy was persuaded only when Nick, Kelly & Stacey began singing (although, to be honest, I think he only sang a couple of words!)

*Nick was asked about his favourite Buffy ep to film & he said that he had great fun with OMWF; later he said that his fav song was the...oh, memory's gone!!! I think he said he liked the one where Giles sings with Willow. He was also asked about his favourite line as Xander & he said it was the one when he was playing Dracula's minion in Buffy vs Dracula(and, doh, can't remember the exact line it was now, either...)

*Asked about whether they would agree to voice the Buffy animated, Nick revealed that he had spoken to Joss a couple of weeks ago & found out that it had been canned...

*Kelly spoke about the time he was doubling for Xander, being thrown around by an Ubervamp & got thrown too hard so that he dislocated his shoulder & had to go to hospital (Nick had been lounging in his trailer at the time).

* they were asked about their favourite English words - Nick said he had heard on TV that morning 'pees and plops' & that he was going to use this phrase when needing to go to the bathroom in future!
*Someone asked about the stars willingness to be in the spin-off Spike movie & all were very non-commital - in fact, both Nick & Andy jokingly said - yeah, if the money is right!

*I can't remember the question that prompted the response, but at one stage, Nick said he had been reading a lot of Hemmingway lately and Andy said he hardly read anything at all.

*Someone questioned Lorne's end in 'Not fade Away' - asking if Andy had been happy with it; he replied that how much more dramatic could it have been?! 'I blew Lindsey's head off!' He said he'd enjoyed taking the character somewhere different.

General impressions: much fun was made of Andy's roundabout way of answering questions & his seeming forgetful nature. He came across as someone really warm and fun. Nick was a joker, but he answered questions thoughtfully and was quite open. Kelly and Stacey were obviously very happy & Kelly spoke about how he is busy doing behind the scenes work now - still trying to find out what he is supposed to be doing in this world. was a fabulous experience! I just wish I could remember more (I hate having a crap memory!!!) As they left, walking up the aisle, I did get to shake Nick's hand as he went past, which was cool! "

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete. Contact me

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Updates: New Feaures and New Sections Coming!

The past week has been very busy one for me: working on here. 

I had the whole site set up with the new domain and we have a new section called BE PART OF THIS!

This new section shows just exactly what’s the mission of this site and my own personal mission. You can see I can’t do this on my own so I do appreciate all your help.

In the next days I am creating a new feauture at the site: a monthly calendar with future posts or events, or both. I am still casting votes from you guys so you can email me with your suggestions or your best ideas.

The main thing for me is that any  Lorne and Andy fan doesn’t  miss a event in the site by checking the new calendar.

On the sidebar of the website you can see a new feature: Sister Sites in which I put a list of websites that have been so kind to put me on theirs. For the moment I only have a couple but if you own a site or know any website that would like to be my Sister Site, please email me with details so I can include it at the sidebar.

I am also considering adding a couple of new sections: Video of the Month and Photo of The Month so each time, you can visit a different recommended video/photo from me. I am still working on it but you can drop me a line with your thoughts on this by commenting down below or emailing me directly.

A couple reminders:  don’t forget to visit the SITEMAP to know how to navigate in the site and what to expect from it.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Andy's birthday is in 3 weeks, Celebrate with me! 🎂🎉

Andy's birthday is coming up and I want to celebrate in a very special way. 42 years since the most beautiful and unique soul was born. Such magic day must be celebrated big time!

The first thing I will be doing is wearing something green with my awesome Lorne skirt -which I just ordered at Redbubble!- and I would be singing all my favourite songs making sure I take part on the Facebook Event and sharing it all over as my other event says.

But there's something else I would love to be doing:

I would love to be sharing a video with some birthday messages from all of you, with some photos of Andy and your (and mine) words.

Once again, I need you all in this to make it a very special. 

Please send all you want for the Happy Birthday video before Monday August 1st 2017 to my email or through the contact form you find here. 🙂

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete. Conctact me.

Thanks for visiting and sharing with all Lorne and Andy Hallett fans.

Looking forward to receiving all your messages.  😀

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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Join The #LorneMarathon Next 8th and 9th of July 2017

After a month and few polls, the date is  already set and we are going to have some fun all together while we watch 4 Lorne-based episodes of Angel. 😃

First Day: Saturday 8th July 2017.
Second Day: Sunday 9th July 2017
Time: 5pm UK time - Noon in NY 

Episodes First Day: 1. Through the Looking Glass - 2. Spin in the Bottle
Episodes Second Day: 1. The House Always Wins - 2. Life of  The Party.

You can all join from all around the globe. Make sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook to join the chat group. Here are the links to follow:


For those joinning from Facebook, make sure to join through the Facebook Event to make the chat easier (Please note I might have to do the chat group through my personal account: Ginny Rosso, so make sure you accept my request when I add you into the chat on Saturday).

For all Twitter fellas, please follow me on Twitter to add you to the chat on Saturday. Don't forget to DM or Tweet me if you are attending this #LorneMarathon

Spread out the word and invite all Lorne fans you know. This an amazing way of celebrating and remembering Andy Hallett 💚

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