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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Andy's Last Secret

This one you might not know. This might be unknown to you. (Unless you are crazy chick like me and binge to all that concerns Andy Hallett - tv and music πŸ˜€).

This one was the last project Andy Hallett was involved in. It was back in 2005 when Andy got the part to this movie about Geppetto: Geppetto's Secret

Now, forget about everything you know about Pinocchio and Geppetto: this a modern day fairy tale, you get an inside to Geppetto’s true story, some magic tools get into a mission to find the magic wood that would help Geppetto get the son he wants.

Among Andy’s part, that would talk about it later, there are some big names taking part in this very special and unique story. Much more than a cartoon, this is a movie about the life before Pinocchio arrived to Geppetto’s life.  “It’s the good guys vs bad guys, the chasing and the drama” as director Mark Schimmel explains.

A beautiful inside of the truth story about Geppetto. You will love it as much as I love it.

These magic tools played by Eric Roberts (Jack, Hammer), Quinton Flynn (Airon, the Pum), Robin Atkins-Downes (Phillip, Screwdriver) and Armin Shimerman (Leo, the paintbrush - Yes, Principal Snyder is in this one too!) get a very special assignment and have to go to the woods to get Geppetto’s (Tom Bosley) piece of wood but the evil Mr.Sneap (RenΓ© Auberjonois) kidnaps it and they should save her from this wicked man.

This a passionate project that involved lots of talents people, much more than normal civil like you and I can’t imagine. Other characters in here: Bob Joyles (Dodo), Leslie Carrara (Lulu), Claudia Christian (Blue Fairy), Magic Wood (NIkki).

Andy plays Cricket, this funny character that helps the tool to their mission. And guess what? He sung some songs for the movie. You can tell by the little inside from the Vimeo video that it was a good part. A movie I would have loved. I am sure it could have been a hit if it ever got the chance.

Anyway, I want to share the Vimeo Video with you:  I’m sure you are gonna like it.

If you can’t view the video right please, visit the link here. 

Some other data: Geppetto’s secrect is directed by Mark  Schimmel  (an award winning director of content, commercials, television, short and feature films), one of his many recent accomplishments include directing the 2014 Wrangler Blue Jean commercial campaign featuring George Strait.

Written by Jill Gorey, Barbara Herndon. Produce by Jaime Hidalgo and D.James Taylor. Music and Voice director by Angelo Panetta.

I am sure I would have loved to see the end of this but unfortunately as I have been told, the movie was never finished so it was never released. I am hoping that someday, sometime we might get to listen to the songs he sung for the project.

I will keep you informed if I get some news on this movie.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lorne still is our #1 πŸ’š

After 13 years Angel (The Series, Joss Whedon) aired its last episode, Lorne -one of the most popular characters among the viewers and fans of the show- still is #1 for many. Unforgottenable empathic and singing demon that made big impact in all of us, back then and now. To find out more on this awesome character and why he is so, you shall watch the show- you might want to read my post on Why You Should Watch Angel.

Just a random day on my Easter vacation when all of sudden my Facebook timeline gets different Lorne posts. What I love about  itis how many people still love the most awesom green skinned, red horned demon.

It's been only a couple of weeks since Andy's anniversary happened, and might that be the cause (?). I don't know. 

Nevertheless, it's awesome that Andy's character and work still so alive in all of us. And God knows, I try to do my part!

I'm sure he is your #1. Still, make sure to leave your comment here and show some Lorne πŸ’šπŸ’š

Ginny xx

Thursday, April 13, 2017

"I've had the time of my life" (Song of the Month)

You might not understand the reason why I post this today, why I chose this song. 🎡

Over the past months there have been many songs that reminded me of Andy but despite this song has nothing to do with him but it has to do a lot with me. There's a powerful reason to choose this song as my next "Andy" song of the month.

When I was a kid I used to play this song while playing in my bedroom with my toys, it made me dream, dance and fall in love with Patrick Swayze since the very first moment I saw the movie.

Few years ago I had some personal issues which I had to cope with and learned to get over them as time passed by. I thought I knew already all I have to know about life but then I met Lorne, I met Andy. Despite I never got to meet him personally, he brought back the old me, the one that get passionate for music and believes (again) dreams come true, the kid that dreams with big things and fights hard to get them.

Andy, as this song did when I was kid, made me dream big again, made me believe I could reach them, made my life bright and brought a smile to my face every time.

This songs is the reason why I love singing, why I love dreaming, why I love dancing. Andy just reminded me happier people are those with brighter heart.

That's me now.πŸ’š

Thanks for your comments on this post and song. You could also recommend me the next song of the month. Thank you. πŸ˜ƒ

Ginny xx