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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who said Lorne can't make a good fighter?

Just the other day I was watching for a second time Happy Anniversay on Season 2 of Angel. It will probably become one of my favourites because of what Lorne adds to the gang without noticing.

The world was about to end because a guy is about to end it with one of his experiments. Lorne visits Angel and tells him the latest news. He doesnt seem to be very impressed because he is too busy with his own vendetta. One of the darkest episodes of Angel and probably one of the best.

They need to find the guy to stop whatever the event he is doing to end the world. On their way to him they come across with these awkward demons and how do you think Lorne helps? He gets that high note on his beautiful voice.... and he beats the demons!

So after all he can fight. He can do in a very Lorne style being just like he is not forcing him to be nothing he is not. You can even notice his face of pride after knocking them out.

This is also the first time Lorne gets into the Hyperion and notices the accoustics of this place. He wakes up Angel on a beautiful version Amercian's National anthem.

This is one these episodes why I get so frustrated because the writers didn't take all the potential that Lorne could have and turn into more of a the gang part (specially on season 5).

I actually think I could watch this episode on and on and on, and never get bored. It has it all.

Of course, this my very own opinion, you might like to share with me what your thoughts are on this one? Drop me a line! Thank you.

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