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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Tribute to Andy Hallett: Want to Join me?.

There are two major months in the year to tribute Andy publicly.

I know some of us do a daily tribute by taking him on our heart, a keyring with a photo of him or maybe taking a photo somewhere else that helps to feel Andy close to us.

What I want to do in these two major months (March and August) is a very special tribute to him by posting on our profile pages of all our social networks a photo of us customized as Lorne and the hashtag  #IloveBeinGrrreen (It's important those 3 "R" to difference it from this eco movement) and #AndyHallettTribute  #IWillNeverForget.

Ok. Don't panic here. You don't need to disguise if you don't want. There's an easier way to do. You shall take a selfie of yourself and then edit photo on your cell phone and turn your skin into green, it's so easy!!! Just see this.... Let it be as GRRReen as you can ! 😃

When you upload that to Twitter remember (I recomend to share here first so you have the definitive photo to share everywhere) to  put the red horn sticker on the photo and done! You got your #AndyHallettTribute 

Share on Twitter, then save that photo and share on other places if you have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc.

It will look like this:

It's just simple for 24 hrs all around the world on March 29th and August 4th would be nice to see all the Andy Hallett admirers and friends reminding him by doing this. Wouldn't it be awesome?.

If you want to join me on this next March 29th (and August 4th), please share this post with all your friends and let's pay tribute to this unique soul that left us way too soon.

Remember to tag me @myandyhallettsp Twitter and Facebook. 😛

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