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Monday, February 27, 2017

New and Fresh Look on The Site: Visit Now!

I think I finally made it. There are some new changes on the website you might appreciate.

Now you can find some helpful labels on each post so you can navigate easily around here (Categories, on the left top of the page). You even have a SiteMap to see the descriptions to each post and read those you are most interested in. I have been able, finally, to enable comments on the blog so you don't have to give extra information.

You can find a PhotoGallery (Photos) with all the photos of Andy that I have found around Internet. Pinterest have given me the easiest way to share those photos and to clasify them. So now It's all a lot more organized. Get into my Pinterest Profile to get ALL the photos!! 

Coming up very soon, I will be start a new section called YOUR STORY with all of  your stories, those that some of you might want to share about the day you met Andy or any other reference to his life that you lived in first person.

As I said in earliert posts, my only goal here is to keep Andy Hallett's memory. Make sure that his giggles, music and talent live on forever in our world.

Got something to share? Please leave me a comment or contact me directly.

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