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Monday, January 09, 2017

My Heart Almost Stopped [SPOILER]

[ANGEL SPOILER!!!] Stop reading if you haven't watched "The House Always Wins" from Season 4.

Remember that episode where Angel, Gunn, Fred and Angel go to save Lorne from Las Vegas? That very first reaction when he saw them and ignore. I think my heart almost stopped just then for a second.

Mean? Lorne? Diva?.... That couldn't be. And thankfully that wasn't him, and the reason was pretty scary:  a man -or whatever that was- could control all peoples' destiny.

Then,we got Lorne back. And Lorne was back to the show. I was back to be the happiest girl.

And My heart beated again normally (as normal as it can be when you are watching Lorne). 😊💚

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