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Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Launching the Site: Behind the Scenes 💗

Only 10 days until I launch this site oficially. This moment I've been delaying forever. The spotlight scares me. When everything starts all over again.

This launching is like start a new job, like meeting your pal after years talking through the net... and all that such of beginnings when you are so excited but so scared because you are not sure if you will be able handle whatever it comes.

It's Monday 12th December and I have my Green Andy-Lorne Agenda full of tasks to do before I scream to the world that despite it has been over 7 years, almost 8, since our dear Andy passed away he has rocked and turned my world upside down. And God knows how much I love it !!

So in summary, my world and my life will never be the same. Thanks The Lord (or whoever!).

10pm and still shaking with just the simple thought of letting the world this all. But There's a fact happening these days before launching: everytime I get to this site I star at the header and think "I love it so much!" and then I look to the left pictures and wonder "Why oh Why?".

But then it's all mixing thing between happiness, excitement, a little bit of sadness and pride... as well as a bit of fear.

I'm mad about this photo!!! 💗

You also getting all excited by this blog of mine, maybe? Or you don't like it for whatever the reason? Drop me a couple of lines and let me know what you think of Andy, this site and its content. Thank you

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