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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Andy Hallett's death *Sigh*

It's been a hectic weekend this one. I've gone through all this information around our Andy. For those we didn't know about him and all of sudden we discover what a unique soul he was makes it double hard to face all at once: life and death. All at once. Only 33 years this dude had.What a very sad and shocking fact.

I got all this information in just 24 hrs. Nothing but browsing and googling Andy's name. What a mad weekend and how shocking was all.

But In the end I got to learn so much about his life by everyone's reviews and memories on him. He was so loved I doubt he is still here with us. He must be up in Heaven having so much fun with all those stars gone in the latest years. He must be a very shining star now,

And after all I just keep in my heart Alexis Denisof's words in a interview (in 2014, I think it was):

"What a just spectacular person he was, what a rare and unique find. So I love you, Andy, and I miss you." Read the whole Interview Here.

And this song from me to Andy Hallett, my little tribute today to him:

R.I.P. Andy. Can't wait to meet you on the other side.

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