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Thursday, November 10, 2016

What Hides Behind #AndyHallett 's Face

When I first met Lorne on Angel, whatever the reasons I did it for, I rapidly googled him and found it about Andy Hallett's shocking early death but also got the chance to see this video where he is interviewed before a The Friends of Science Fiction Fan Club event in Australia.

We are all used to come across with different face when we watch tv shows, movies, read mags and read our daily news feed. You clearly can see when it comes to an entertainer the colour of his or her soul. I mean, it's not completely accurate but if you read once he or she is nice person, a nice sould, someone special you may like to have look for your own at what others say. And then you read it for the third, the forth.... and then you come across to this video.

As I said it's not accurate, it's not scientific, but when it comes to my intuition, I tend to trust. 

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