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Monday, November 07, 2016

(Maybe)The Best Episode of Angel

It's not decisive.  Because I haven't watched the whole show just yet. But I had the pleasure to watch one of the most hilarious episodes ever. 

And of course, our dear Lorne was in there.

You may guess what that one could be. In this one is where Lorne and the rest of the gang try with " a magic potion" to get Cordelia's memory back. It's called Spin in The Bottle.

I have probably missed some piece while I was laughing so hard I would breathe deep to get some air in my lungs.

Obviously, you can imagine it is by far my favourite episode. Lorne recounting the whole story with some funny comments.  Like this one when he is tied to a chair and looks directly into the camera to say how shameful was that situation of being unconcious while the rest of the guys where fighting each other.

That was superb.

After watching that. And knowing how all this ends it seems to be  very iconic of Andy's life this last scene of Lorne walking out from stage with a lightened door in the end and his shoes echoing in the room. Some of his lastest words in this episode are also very iconic to what I think was Andy's life

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