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Monday, November 28, 2016

An evening with Andy Hallett

I wish. 

I wish that was true but spending almost an hour and half watching this video - which I'm sure you know- is the closest thing to have Andy with us.

An hour and half cracking up with Andy. That should be the title, more than other.

Just like my husband said today "At least we have his legacy". So that's what is all about.

Andy Hallett at Slayerfest July 2nd 2005

Just in case you wonder, I am not that kind of person to sit in front a PC screen and watch videos for hours. I like to catch up every now and then

The only moment I can spend time in front of a screen watching a video or something is for a Livestream, mostly gigs.

This video is definetely a must-see video. Worth every minute of it. 

If you haven't watched yet, please do. You won't regret it.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Getting into the Andy Hallett-verse

Honestly, It scares a bit.

You know that feeling when you start bieng friends with someone and start knowing all his/her friends and you start to get used to all these names related to him/her?. It is exactly the same when you are new to this Buffyverse and even more to the #AndyHallett-verse....

It is that feeling of joy and fear at the same time because you know that there must be - and it will be- a beautiful world behind all those walls.

Does it make sense to you all this? 

Just so you understand... Lady Mermalade by Andy aka Lorne. There's something growing inside me.

If you ever felt something like this, or your feeling it now.... please, share your thoughts with me and comment below. Thanks :-)


Monday, November 21, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

That moment when I think.... What Have I missed?

Watch the video and you may understand. I watched it and still wonder: what, why and how I got to this point?

It's hard to understand why things happen. I still struggle with Andy's death. I'm still in shock. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 14, 2016

How I got here... (Andy Hallett's memory must live on)

Around end of the 90's we got Buffy. We all remember that, don't we? But I have to confess I didn't watch the whole show. I started to pay more attention when every now and then I will see the issues that Buffy and Spike had. I loved Spike even then!
I never watched Angel. Never really like him despite I liked David Boreanaz.

Beginning of this year Syfy will start showing reruns of the show. At home we would sat every day to watch every episode from the very beginning.

And when that show ended, we got the whole show of Angel on DVD and started watching.

Never really like these demon and vampire things, but I got to love Spike (and James Marsters) and well, you will agree that Lorne is not the classic demon. When you think of a demon, you think of someone ugly, nasty and basically EVIL. All those things that our Host is not.

Then this episode came where he sings.... and that was it. He got me trapped, bewitched and hypnotized by his voice. Then I learn a little about Andy and after few days I decided to create this page of my own to share my thoughts and feelings - I'm a very emotional woman- and let it be this as well a little tribute to what he meant to all fans back then and to those who will know him in the future, and to remind those old fans he must be remembered.

7 years on his memory must live on.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What Hides Behind #AndyHallett 's Face

When I first met Lorne on Angel, whatever the reasons I did it for, I rapidly googled him and found it about Andy Hallett's shocking early death but also got the chance to see this video where he is interviewed before a The Friends of Science Fiction Fan Club event in Australia.

We are all used to come across with different face when we watch tv shows, movies, read mags and read our daily news feed. You clearly can see when it comes to an entertainer the colour of his or her soul. I mean, it's not completely accurate but if you read once he or she is nice person, a nice sould, someone special you may like to have look for your own at what others say. And then you read it for the third, the forth.... and then you come across to this video.

As I said it's not accurate, it's not scientific, but when it comes to my intuition, I tend to trust. 

Monday, November 07, 2016

(Maybe)The Best Episode of Angel

It's not decisive.  Because I haven't watched the whole show just yet. But I had the pleasure to watch one of the most hilarious episodes ever. 

And of course, our dear Lorne was in there.

You may guess what that one could be. In this one is where Lorne and the rest of the gang try with " a magic potion" to get Cordelia's memory back. It's called Spin in The Bottle.

I have probably missed some piece while I was laughing so hard I would breathe deep to get some air in my lungs.

Obviously, you can imagine it is by far my favourite episode. Lorne recounting the whole story with some funny comments.  Like this one when he is tied to a chair and looks directly into the camera to say how shameful was that situation of being unconcious while the rest of the guys where fighting each other.

That was superb.

After watching that. And knowing how all this ends it seems to be  very iconic of Andy's life this last scene of Lorne walking out from stage with a lightened door in the end and his shoes echoing in the room. Some of his lastest words in this episode are also very iconic to what I think was Andy's life

Sunday, November 06, 2016

What to find on this site

How My Andy Hallett's Place was made. The first post. The reason why Andy Hallett is a big part of my life now after watching Angel (in 2016).

This is just fun for me.

I tell here my little way to get to know of the most unique souls ever in show business. If you knew him, you will agree that he left us too soon and he was a unique spirit that left us with the sweetest memories thanks to the greatest voice and the greatest heart.

Here, what I tell it's only my opinion and my experience. I don't know own the photos of my posts neither I pretend to do more than make my own tribute to Andy Hallett by enjoying every bit we have of him.

Enjoy your stay!

G. Rosso