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Despite you see this as a blogger format, this page is not meant to be a one way converation of memories on Andy Hallett. I'm afraid I'm on of those people that have watched Angel later in time and so discovered Andy's life some years after it all happen in first place. 

Please, read all the posts you want.

There's an easy to way to get through the site by using the categories you see on the left of the page. Here's a little explanation what you can find in each one

Andy-Lorne Related -they can be from personal experiences, sharing videos to screencaps, episode reviews etc.

Multimedia- this is easy one! You'll find all kind of videos related to Andy, from Cons he attended, to fan made tributes, songs or bits and pieces of Angel and any other thing related to Andy's roles.

Personal Experience- watch out! I might get a bit personal on here, these posts are about my personal experience knowing Andy, the day I got the comic, a keyring or that day I felt my heart was broken...

Reviews - My opinions on episodes and movies. They do contain Spoilers!!

The Site- You can find all the updates of the site, when I post some new photos, I changed colours, or maybe any goal I might have reached in here... everything about this place.

Tributes- All tributes that will ocurr in the future or that are actually happening now, you can find them here. You can send in your comments with your suggestions.

Your Story- Your memories and experiences with Andy.

As far as the Menu above is concerned.... This is what you can find:

Career - Andy Hallett's career, where you can see him, and when it was first aired/released.

Bio- Need to know more about his life? You might find a little on him, where he was from, when he started his career, what he graduated from etc.

Quotes - Some of his phrases that I've come through different moments and interviews.

They Say- Comments from people that have met him and shared thoughts on him such as Alexis Denisof, Joss Whedon or Mark Lutz.

Credits - this site wouldn't be complete without a proper place to thank people who have helped and inspired me to do this site.

Photos - All the Andy Hallett photos I could find are on here through some Pinterest Boards. Hope you like them and please, if you're in Pinterest, follow me! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Who can take part: anyone that loves or have loved Andy, knew him or had the chance to meet him. If he touched your soul or life, you may want to share your story to let people know how he was - to all those we never had the chance. 

You can empower Andy's memory with all your experiences and memories.

Email me to ginata.roso(@) with your story and share it on the its category.

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