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Yes, you can help to make this page complete.

This page started as a little blog of myself about Andy but as time passed I made up a project of this to make it the place to remember Andy. More than a fan page, I do pretend it to be a little bit bigger but I know I can't make it on my own.

I know that many people met him back in the day, and they are the ones who have the biggest tool to help in this place. Even those who never met him there's still a lot you can contribute with.

For those you never got to meet him, maybe he stills touching your life somehow. Maybe you watched Angel on the past years but still you can take part here telling others how Andy is still/now part of your life.

Maybe you a treasured collection of Andy/Lorne items that you want to share with the world. this is meant to be your place as well.

By sending photos, comments, dates, quotes, events... I can reflect what we has, not only as an actor and singer but also as a person - a fair reflection of himself.

I really need you in this!

This is meant to be for all Andy Hallett believers and geeks I know there are many out there....

Of course, if any friend or family member of his want to contribute by any chance, their help and comments/suggestions would be the greatest add to this page and real honour to have them here. I hope to get a place you can be proud of.

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