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Sunday, February 17, 2019

10th Anniversary Video Project Tribute - Join!

Wouldn't it be awesome to have all messages of everyone who loves and remembers Andy in one place, one and only video?.

Join the video project for Andy's 10th Anniversary.

You can send

  • Your message to Andy (2 lines max.)
  • Your fave photo of Andy or your photo with Andy and you
  • Your fave memory
  • 15 secconds video with message.

Feel free to share this with everyone you know! 

Let's keep the flame up and burning 💚🔥

"He thought that was so funny he had to tell his manager" Wayne Champman

Time flies. A month passed by since I last wrote in here. Life's been busy and bright!

But I am sure you don't want to read about me, but to know about Andy and my life around him.

I actually have few things to share but first things first.

Few days ago I got an email from Wayne He shared his photo with Andy and the memories on that moment,

I just love so much when this happens!!

The photo was taken at the Buffy Posting Board Party in L.A. in 2001 .

"Andy was such a delight! I told him I thought it was Quentin Tarantino under all that makeup the first time I saw Lorne on Angel, and he thought that was so funny he had to tell his manager, who was also there that night. "
Wayne Chapman.

Thank you Wayne for sharing this with me and all Andy fans. What an awesome photo and moment!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

10th Anniversary Special Tribute: Full Info Here

If I have to be honest I have imagined this year quite a bit different. Then again I never imagined my life would have changed this way. Life has changed so much in these two years. Life will keep changing in the next two years.

Anyway, since the year started I felt this would be a good year. I would get all my goals done, I would make all my dreams come true.

Since I am going to be very focus on my new business - still trying to find my place in this world though I thought I have already found it!- , I decided to make two major projects on this first half of the year. (On the second half I am doing two Lorne Marathons and a Watch Party).

The main thing for me, as always has been, is to keep Andy's memory and let young/new generations to know Andy as he was. That's why I am asking for your help: share, share, share, share.  The more the better. 🙏

If you have anything to add to this page (info, photos, etc.),  please feel free to go to the Forum here and share with everyone there!

I have two main goals this year:

🌈 Grow my mailing list (you can suscribe here) +20 people

🌈 Grow The Andy Hallett Online Community in +100 (Facebook and Forum)

🌈 Find 2 moderators for the Andy Hallett forum and make it work!

I know I can't do it alone so I need you in this! Sharing, commenting or recommending this place to people you know.

10th Anniversary Special Tribute

📌 Watch Party at The Andy Hallett Onlince Community Facebook Group

Please, feel free to share the Photo below anywhere.

📌 Video Project with all your messages to Andy (remember to include Name and Country). Email me or post it here (Forum).
Feel Free to post these photos on all your networks.

Andy will always be close to my heart. Andy will always be my inspiration to be a better me. That's why I need to do this and make sure everyone in this virtual world won't lost track of our dear Andy Hallett. 💚

If you want to help reaching my goals or/and you love Andy, Lorne, Angel, Buffy (etc.), please share this as many times as you can, comment and  I hope to read you soon around the Andy Hallett Online Community.

Have an awesome and happy year.💋

Thanks for visiting and sharing.🙆

Ginny xx