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Monday, November 12, 2018

My life will suck without you

Remember when a while ago I used to write about those songs it would remind me to Andy?. I got so busy I stopped paying attention to music's messages.

This song somehow reminds me of Andy. It actually puts myself into a super positive mood and when singing those lines I see Andy's beautiful face looking back down😄. You crazy chick, must think if he actually does look down 🙈

I believe.

🎶"Cauuse we belong together now yeah.... you got a piece of me... And honestly my life will suck without you"🎤🎶

(If only I had half the voice Kelly has...😅 )

My life will actually suck without Andy (and this site). 💚

Got any song lately that reminds you of Andy?. Share with me on the comments below. Thanks 😊

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