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Monday, November 12, 2018

My life will suck without you

Remember when a while ago I used to write about those songs it would remind me to Andy?. I got so busy I stopped paying attention to music's messages.

This song somehow reminds me of Andy. It actually puts myself into a super positive mood and when singing those lines I see Andy's beautiful face looking back down😄. You crazy chick, must think if he actually does look down 🙈

I believe.

🎶"Cauuse we belong together now yeah.... you got a piece of me... And honestly my life will suck without you"🎤🎶

(If only I had half the voice Kelly has...😅 )

My life will actually suck without Andy (and this site). 💚

Got any song lately that reminds you of Andy?. Share with me on the comments below. Thanks 😊

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Happy Second Anniversary.... to me!

Two years I started this site. You can check it, first entry was on November 6th 2016. 😲

Two days before my birthday I remember watching the Slayerfest Youtube video and since then, my life has not been the same. 😍

My heart felt like it find a little light that flooded it all. It felt like it was back in one piece.

And as strange as it is, right after that it broke into a million pieces. It will recover from the pain and then again, broke again.💚

For months it's been like that. I'm not sure it healed already.

This site is my therapy. It is the place where I keep coming back, the place where Andy still lives among us. He is still here. Somehow.😇

Probably the blame's on me for denying the reality. But how can you accept it?.😓

I can only think of the pain all friends and family must has suffered and suffer now today. I can only apologize for being so blind and selfish. 😩🙏

One of the risks of this site is the constant feeling of being alone in this. I mean, I know there are many people that still remember him, still think of him. They just don't go on the Internet and spread out, right?.😌

I am sorry if anyone is hurt with my words. I feel I need to let this all out. I need to do this for my own good the best way I know.💚

Two years ago all started. It all started ending. Now I can only expect brilliant things to come.😊

Thank you for being part of this . Here's to lot more ! 🙆

Ginny xx

Monday, November 05, 2018

Untie the Poll!: Next Event Watch And Comment Episode.

In case you don't know How this works.

Every month I do a watch and comment episode. So you must get your DVDs ready!!!

Check this site and the forum for the date and full details.

Once the day arrives, make sure you are logged in on the Forum. At the bottom of the page you will find a chatroom. Join me there for a proper Andy Hallett and Lorne Tribute.

This month's event is very special since it's this site's 2nd Anniversary so I hope you all join me in this.

Other reason why this special. You all chose this month's event! Get everything ready because we are having big party this time!

These are the results of  the Poll on Twitter and Facebook

Poll Results:

Hush : 28,57% of the votes (6)
Spin In The Bottle: 28,57% of the votes. (6)
No Place like Pritz Glrb: 19,05% of the votes. (3)
The House Always Wins: 9,52%. (2)
Through the Looking Glass: 4,76% of the votes. (1)

Save the Date: Sunday 25th November 2018. 5.30 pm UK time. 6.30 p.m. Berlin Time, Noon NYC Time, 11.30 am. L.A. time.

Untie the Poll!! Click here to choose your fave episode and I see you all at the Forum's chatroom next November 25th to watch and comment any of those 2 episodes (Hush or Spin In The Bottle).

Thanks for checking in. 🙆

See you soon 

Ginny xx

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