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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Life keeps me busy... but I never forget 💚

I can't believe it's bee so long since I last posted here. My bad!😔

Life keeps me busy. Trying to find your space in the world it ain't easy. I've been searching for that special place for about 10 years. Pushing and trying oportunities in the way.

I feel somehow I've been reborn. I was feeling like kind of lonely in this world, then something happens that shakes me and wakes me up from my sleep. Wake up little girl, you're not alone. I say to myself.

Though I feel alone most of the time when I'm fighting against all odds. 

Today is one of these days, I feel so tired that I think I've pushed myself away too much. But then again when I think about my life now I see all the changes, all the chances gained, all the oportunities still ahead I feel like sometime soon I will feel fully accomplished. 

One of my favourite moments of the year is about to come. Happening on Sunday. Watching again Chance with Amber Benson, James Marsters and Andy -my fave Whedonverse peeple ever! -.  

And maybe you want to join me in this! It'll happen at the Forum - where we have a lovely forum! (but you need to log in to be part of the fun and the community!).

If you want more info about the event, click here.

Any doubts, you can comment below 😊

Dreams come true eventually. But you have to fight hard for them.

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