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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The Andy Hallett Online Community: Join Now

In the next few days you are going to see some changes in this page. I am not changing the name of this place, this page will stay as it is because it is a lovely place to express all that my heart needs when I look up in the stars or when I get so amazed by the circunstances that this is the only place I can reveal myself to the world.

Join The Andy Hallett Online Community

The Andy Hallett Online Community is based in a new forum - remember when you all voted in that poll few days ago?- and two groups: one in Facebook and another one here at G+.  These are all places to remember Andy, to share memories, comment episodes and movies, and help to keep the light up, help to new generations who Andy was. I know all united we can take this as far as we want.

I know, by comments of other people, how isolated they feel because they love Lorne and the show Andy, but they are alone in their world. Well, you are not alone. You never were and you will never be again.

So click here to join the forum. Follow my Facebook page because you'll be the first to know when something new happens. If you want to be the first one or don't have the time to check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on a daily basis, you can join the community here as well, and you will get everyhing in your Inbox and visit the forum and groups when you have some free time.

Got any other ideas to bring the community together? Comment below and let's do it together! 👪

Please, join and share! Thank you! 🙏

Ginny Rosso

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