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Friday, August 03, 2018

Join Andy's birthday tomorrow: Exclusive News at the event! 💁

I have to confess that this past has been very exciting for me. The poll results have offered me a fabulous chance to commit with this site and what I want to achieve.

Talking about the poll, I already have the results that I will show you in a minute. Before that I think I should thank everyone that has helped me voting and sharing this. How amazing is to discover and meet Andy fans all around the planet that still love him so much! (So I think you might like what is about to happen in a couple of days).

The results as shown above are just amazing!!! 💚

If you'd like to know what I'm preparing for all of you, please, join me for Andy's birthday. Such special day shall be celebrated in a very special way. Join me watching and commenting Life of The Party. I will then reveal my little secret, something new that I'm sure you are gonna love !! 🙆

10.30 pm UK time at the chatroom, click here

Thank you for sticking around, for your votes and help. See you all tomorrow at the chatroom for Andy's 43rd Birthday!

Ginny xx

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