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Friday, July 20, 2018

Bits and Pieaces: I believe.

It's every time I see a photo I haven't seen or process in my mind, when I get lost in the intense look, that smile that shone once in the world. 

Since then everything's darker. It is said that life is what you make of it but I truly believe something is changed since 2009.

Lorne (Andy Hallett) and Mercedes McNabb (aka Harmony)

 Believe it or not, 2009 was a year when I decided to break with everything and and everyone in my life. I decided I had enough of that life I was living, friends, idols, music.

But when I thought It was meant to be that dark, that's the way adult life is: my life changed  again one day when I was 35 years old (I was 28 in 2009) because my husband convinced me to watch Angel for the firsttime. That was 2 years ago.

I think I entered the adult life then (2009) when I turned 36 I decided to be a child again, with innocence, passion, regretless, shameless.

 As a child I though I could dream eternally pretending Andy was never gone. Magic things happened to me, things that made me believe there's something else out there: some other reality that we cannot see but sometimes we can feel. Some may think it's all in my mind but my life experience has taught me I can believe.

My dream as new born child is to live forever in this world of magic, touched by one-in-a-million soul and I believe that someday I will build a community around Andy Hallett that keep and sharehis memory with their genuine collaborations and comments on Andy and Lorne.

So every summer night I will look up in the sky and believe an angel is looking down.

Danny Nero and Andy Hallett (aka Lorne) at Buffy Posting Board 2003
Ginny xx

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