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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Andy's 43rd Birthday Celebration

In 3 weeks we have Andy's birthday and for me that is a very special number, a great chance for my comeback to the site and to pay tribute to the most amazing man ever!

I have a video for you. Only 3 mins long to watch and share with all your friends.

Like and Share this video, please !

Next August 4th I am doing a BIG Online Birthday celebration for Andy's birthday watching and commenting Life of The Party on a mass chat (working on that at the moment- but I'm hopigng we could be a huge online meeting with all our webcams!!)

10.30 pm - UK time. Please don't miss this!!

I'm alson doing a special post at the site with all messages from all of you guys: sharing memories, birthday love, fave Lorne and Andy quotes, videos of you singing to Andy (for instance, or anything you can think it'd be cool to share),  gifs, photos etc.

All at one post: Happy Birthday From The World Today.  All stuff I need before August 3rd (friday). Email me right away:

Since we still have 3 months for The Lorne Game, here's a tip for all you who have (or haven't) take part yet for whatever the reason:

If you love this idea as much as I do. Please, SAVE THE DATE: Saturday 4th  August (10.30 UK- Time) and do share with all your friends. Let's do this for Andy!!

Thanks for sticking around, I'll see you soon 

Ginny xx

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