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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Next Event: Join in for some laughs! 😆 (Smile Time Watch)

I have been wanting to have this event for some days now. I can't wait to watch Smile Time with all of you and share some laughs.

14 years ago on February 18th was first aired. Writers and producers gave all Angel fans one of the best episodes of the show. It was directed by Ben Edlund and had Joss Whedon and David Fury as executive producers. 

If you haven't watched in a while come and join me next Sunday at 6 p.m. (UK Time) at the chatroom (click here) and comment while we watch together. Full info of the event here

Please, share this with any Angel fans you many know. Thank you.

Ginny xx

Little reminder..... Attend this event:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Don't Let the Memory Fade Away 🌠✨

While my life is still upside down, I try to hold on to the only thing and person that I know can bring me back to who I really am with almost no-scars.

Some you may feel like life is getting harder, others will feel you are at your perfect moment and maybe all of you every now and then will stare to the sky nostalgic remembering the good ol' times. We all have some of those, don't we?. And it makes us feel (maybe) old, fortunate (for sure) and blessed because we have the chance to look back and smile at it. Hold on to that smile, feel like your heart fills up with pure joy - and without noticing, feeling it brings out the best of you.

Hold it. Breathe and keep it,

Got it?.

That's exactly what I want for Andy and this site. It's not only about making Andy's memory last through time but also to build up memories of joy and warm feelings, love and light. Hope in the future knowing such special person and artist is still here with us through our memories, love and never-ending support.

Don't let the memory fade away, let it stay here forever. Help to grow this!  Join me the fun, it is to remember a golden heart and a natural humorist. Check the site (start from here and go from there), suscribe, join me on the monthly events (next one is a week and half!), tell your friends about it and if you feel like it, join The Lorne Game (you can win some awesome prizes!) - check all my social networks for tips on how to be part of it and how to grow your score! (All info here).

Thanks for checking.

Be safe and be happy!

Ginny xx