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Friday, December 01, 2017

In Memory of Andy Hallett Competition - December Party (Part I)

I told you before. I am celebrating the Christmas month and party with my own little celebration. 

A year ago I launched the site. So I decided to do a little competition. The prize for that is a beautiful Andy and Lorne goodie. One only winner. But I'm hoping you have lots of fun with this.


 How to take part from the site:

  1. Suscribe to the site, make sure all info of the Sign up form is completed so you can take part on this competition.

  2. Recommend this site to a friend (and send me her/his name/email through email or contact form to let me know this is your recommendation or comment below and tag her/him)
  3. Open to all Andy Hallett and Lorne lovers WORLDWIDE
  4. Competition is from December 1st 2017 to December 22nd Decemeber 2017. Winners will be anounced on December 29th 2017 on this site.

Goodie you win

Awesome prize for Only ONE winner, from New Suscribers (from December 1st 2017). See the awesomeness of this beauty! 💗

In Memory of Andy Hallett (1975-2009) by Omniadawm

Cushion sizes: 15,74' x 15,74' (40x40 cms)

Thanks for visiting, reading, sharing and taking part in this December party! 🎉

See ya soon!

Ginny xx

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