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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thank you for an awesome year!

The magic of the Buffy world is amazing! I remember how many sites from the Buffy universe and Jossx Whedon-verse shared my site when I decided to launch the site on December 2016. 

I didn't have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and of course, no suscribers - it was way too soon for that!-

It's been so awesome how all the Buffy and Whedon groups welcomed my Lorne and Andy posts.

It was all based on this site. I'm so thankful and blessed because I always felt so welcomed. Check how far I've come, might be not much but to me it's a lot more than I ever expected

Visitors to the site in 12 months

67 followers on Instagram

270 followers on Twitter

270 fans on Facebook

17 suscribers on 2017.

Hope you have enjoyed this year with me and hoping you will be with me on the new year ahead.

Thanks for all the joy and light you gave me!

See you next year.

Ginny xx

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete

Monday, December 25, 2017

The (perfect) portrait of Andy.

I'm not the kind of girl to moan about things, I'm not even keen to repeat one things or give lectures about anything. In this corner of mine I consider to go back in time and explain why I do the things I do. Let my heart speak, let those little unresolved things in me out and also thank the Lord and Universe I have come this far and reached this point.

One of the most amazing things ever in all this time is when I randomly get the chance to know one of those stories that are now part of the insights of all the cons Andy attended. Those that have become legend. Some of which I have seen some photos of. 

And then, I wish I could have been there. All those memories you are so kind to share are now part of me and help me to have a fair view of who Andy was. You know, it's something like whe you are doing a puzzle and you are trying to put together all the pieces and with each one of them it's little part of Andy that you fill in to build the perfect -if that can ever exist at all!- portrait of Andy.

As you might know, another favourite moment of mine is when we comment and watch some Lorne/Andy episodes. The feeling of community around Andy is a dear one to me  and really warms my heart. It does also inspire me to keep this dream I started a year ago, a little tribute and way to feel him close and making him part of my life - better late than never, they say.

If you, by any chance, are new to this site, I recommend you to star by the Must Read posts (at the left sidebar) or the Index (on the top left sidebar). There's a lot to find and hopefully you enjoy it and want to ride this journey with me.

See you again soon. Thanks for visiting.

Ginny xx

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Let me Introduce you ...

... to Andy Hallett

This is the funny name I chose for this special event, a day to celebrate that 18 years ago Hush was first released (Decemeber 14th).

Since the moment I knew and saw Andy was an extra at the episode of Season 4. I admit that I see it now with with a slightly different colour.

Season 4 of Buffy is actually one my favourite seasons of Buffy. I always thought her relationship with Angel kind of toxic and purely romantic and intense, but harmful. In this season she finally gets some different love interest and though there are many opinions about if Riley was good or not for Buffy, the truth is that he helped her to go through the tortuous path of forgetting the love of her life because they can't be together...

Next December 30th, Saturday, at 1.30pm UK time, we are watching and commenting this episode the site. This would be so much fun and the kickstart will be my Twitter Live (Only Twitter, this time!) showing the exact moment and point where Andy shows up as an extra. Afterwards, we can spend the rest of the 30 minutes of the episode watching and commenting the awesomeness of Joss Whedon creating this and sharing our favourites.

Join me !

Click here to comment with us and HERE to watch Live Twiter.

*Only New Suscribers

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

New Feauture- Photo of The Month!

Over the past two months I have been going through many photos of Andy thanks to Flickr- how I love that place!- and I have decide that I need to share somewhere my favourite photo of the moment. There are so many I love and I keep changing all the time!

I plan to this every month so make sure to check the site regular. 🙂

I am sure that some of you would have memories on this event or day, so feel free to share anything on the site!

This particular one has been a fave of mine from the very first moment I saw it. You know, for any Buffy and Angel fan, like me, this photo is just the zenit of both shows in one wide world. 

Yes, I know Faith was on Angel, but Lorne and Faith never got to interact much so this is like they have build something beautiful off-screen.

Click here to visit the photo of the month!

Friday, December 01, 2017

In Memory of Andy Hallett Competition - December Party (Part I)

I told you before. I am celebrating the Christmas month and party with my own little celebration. 

A year ago I launched the site. So I decided to do a little competition. The prize for that is a beautiful Andy and Lorne goodie. One only winner. But I'm hoping you have lots of fun with this.


 How to take part from the site:

  1. Suscribe to the site, make sure all info of the Sign up form is completed so you can take part on this competition.

  2. Recommend this site to a friend (and send me her/his name/email through email or contact form to let me know this is your recommendation or comment below and tag her/him)
  3. Open to all Andy Hallett and Lorne lovers WORLDWIDE
  4. Competition is from December 1st 2017 to December 22nd Decemeber 2017. Winners will be anounced on December 29th 2017 on this site.

Goodie you win

Awesome prize for Only ONE winner, from New Suscribers (from December 1st 2017). See the awesomeness of this beauty! 💗

In Memory of Andy Hallett (1975-2009) by Omniadawm

Cushion sizes: 15,74' x 15,74' (40x40 cms)

Thanks for visiting, reading, sharing and taking part in this December party! 🎉

See ya soon!

Ginny xx