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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Song of the Month: Pump It Up

I know you have never heard of this song before but this has now become my favourite. Andy's voice in there it’is just awesome!

Just for this day, for this month, this video and song might be double at the site but I’m way too excited to have this new song in Youtube (Thanks to Angelo Panetta, I own my life for this!) to forget it easily. So let me get a bit emotional in here, but I would have never thought of this before.

Since Andy has “bumped” into my life he has done big impact and still does. This song helps me in my daily life to get through all kind of problems and gives me the light I need when I need it.

Have a listen, if you haven’t before, and let me know what you think. More info about the song here.

Thanks for visiting, commenting and reading.

Ginny xx

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