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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Updates: New Feaures and New Sections Coming!

The past week has been very busy one for me: working on here. 

I had the whole site set up with the new domain and we have a new section called BE PART OF THIS!

This new section shows just exactly what’s the mission of this site and my own personal mission. You can see I can’t do this on my own so I do appreciate all your help.

In the next days I am creating a new feauture at the site: a monthly calendar with future posts or events, or both. I am still casting votes from you guys so you can email me with your suggestions or your best ideas.

The main thing for me is that any  Lorne and Andy fan doesn’t  miss a event in the site by checking the new calendar.

On the sidebar of the website you can see a new feature: Sister Sites in which I put a list of websites that have been so kind to put me on theirs. For the moment I only have a couple but if you own a site or know any website that would like to be my Sister Site, please email me with details so I can include it at the sidebar.

I am also considering adding a couple of new sections: Video of the Month and Photo of The Month so each time, you can visit a different recommended video/photo from me. I am still working on it but you can drop me a line with your thoughts on this by commenting down below or emailing me directly.

A couple reminders:  don’t forget to visit the SITEMAP to know how to navigate in the site and what to expect from it.

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete. 

You can also help by recommending and sharing this post and site with any whedonverse fans.

Event Coming: Andy's birthday is coming up so make sure to take part on this celebration. Full info here.

Thanks for visiting. Looking forward  to your comments 🙂

Ginny xx

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