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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

(Review) Chance: " He is a God".

I'm sure you have heard of this movie before. It's called Chance written and Directed by the beautiful and talented Amber Benson (best known as Tara in Buffy, The Vampire Slayer).  

I have to confess that the first time I watched this movie was because James Marsters was on it. But, when Andy gets in front of the camera, everything changes. The camera seem to love Andy as much as we all do everytime we get on screen.

Second time I watched I was dying to see Andy. 

Chance is a girl who's looking for Mr.Right, like everyone of us. But she gets into all this relationships expecting to find her soulmate in the way. And poor her, she gets her eyes on impossible one. Jack (played by Andy) is a guy from a night club that meets Chance when he is performing in there. 

Chance phrase is just perfect to start this post because she is too damn right. Andy was a God. 😀😍

So I would love to spoil you the whole movie, but instead, I want you to grab a copy and watch it. Believe me, it's worth watching: the script is good and the roles are perfectly portrayed by some great and talented guys. 

You can grab your copy on Ebay here or maybe on Amazon.

You can watch it on Youtube but it's very bad quality and I recommend to enjoy the whole movie as it is.

If you have watched already, please let me know what you think....and what do you think of Jack, Andy's role in it?.

Thanks for commenting below and sharing if you've enjoyed it. 😃

Ginny xx

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