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Monday, May 15, 2017

Angela Sorensen "He made the cutest,most genuine smile I have ever seen".

Angela's experience with Andy is something I can relate a lot to. If I ever had the chance to meet Andy, it would have probably been kinda similar.

I thank her for sharing and sending all the photos. Please enjoy reading:

"Back in 2005, I had attended my first convention. It was a Wizard World convention in Chicago, and I went for one reason, and one reason only: Amber Benson. Amber played Tara from my favorite TV show Buffy, and at the time I had just learned that these sorts of things even existed. So when I heard about it, obviously I had to go. So I went, met Amber, and it was amazing. I was hooked! Needless to say, when I was reading my Buffy & Angel magazines and seeing ads about official conventions for JUST Buffy and Angel, I knew I had to find one close enough that I could attend. And that would end up being the Motor City Buffy Con in Ypsilanti Michigan.

The first ad I ever saw for the convention, before Andy was even added to the guest list! 

I can tell you about many experiences that I had this weekend, but there is one particular person that I can say to this day, was more of an honor than just an experience. And that person is Andy Hallett. Andy, as you know, plays the character Lorne on the show Angel, and Lorne has been one of my all time favorite television characters since he first appeared as the character simply known as the Host. The empath demon who could tell you your fortune…but only as you sang. So clearly he ran a karaoke bar. Then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Andy was scheduled to run the karaoke event on Friday night, the first night of the convention. An event I was very excited about! Wasn’t going to sing, just watch, of course. But how cool to have Lorne host our official karaoke party at the convention? Only one problem. His flight was delayed and he couldn’t make it in time. As disappointing as that was, I will say Tony Head did a great job filling in, but still, Andy would have been perfect being the host! I even managed to get front row seats for the event and would have gotten some great pictures of Andy.

After Andy’s flight was delayed, we didn’t know for sure when he would arrive and if it would be in time for the next day’s events. But as my friend and I sat in the lobby the next morning, we were in for a little surprise. Andy was suddenly walking through the hotel being lead by a staff member and looked like he was on his way to something important. But that did not deter him from acknowledging us. My friend and I looked at him, and he looked right over at us, and made the cutest, most genuine smile I have ever seen and topped it off with a little wave. Now I have to say, that to this day, when I think of Andy, that is the image that I see in my head. It can never be damaged or replaced. That moment was the epitome of Andy and his personality. So loving and filled with pure kindness.  

Pictures during Andy's panel. You can't see very well, but you can definitely see that smile! 😃
 Note: I put some Photoshop on it to make them a bit brighter....😏

Later that day we attended Andy’s panel. I have some very distant, blurry pictures from this and an even a worse memory for what he talked about. Time can do that, sadly. But the next day was when I actually got to meet him, and talk to him. As you can imagine, he was incredibly sweet and you could just tell that he loved being there. So gracious with his fans and gave everyone such a wonderful memory and experience. I was shy and didn’t say too much. But he asked me if I wanted my picture personalized and if I was having a nice time at the convention. I said “yes” to both, and thanked him for coming and said how happy I was to see him. He let me take a picture of him signing my photo, so I could have it for my memories. And I had asked my friend who was behind me in line to take a picture of me talking to Andy. So I am very fortunate to have that photo, as I was never able to get an official photo op with him due to not being able to afford any extras at the time. But, I am forever grateful to have the pictures I have, and the memories I have of Andy! Simple, short, but sweet! 

Me talking to Andy and asking if I can take his picture while he signs my photo

And of course he said I could. 💚

I remember when I first heard of Andy’s passing. I was heartbroken. The first thought that came into my mind, was that day when Andy walked by and smiled and waved at me. Forever engraved in me.

Rest in peace, Andy. You were such an amazing soul and you are severely missed by many. But you will never be forgotten! Thank you for giving us Lorne, and for giving me your time back in 2005. I will never forget it! And every so often in the summer, I make myself a seabreeze in your honor. 💚"

I bet you have enjoyed this. When I got this on my email it made my day! What an awesome moment!

If you want to share your special Andy moment/experience in this site, please contact me on my email ginata.roso (@) (all together -with no ( ), I put it this way to avoid spam coming in). 

He was so special and unique, it has to be shared, told and known by everyone. Your contribution is key to make this page complete. 

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