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Friday, May 19, 2017

10 Awesome Reasons to watch Angel [Spoilers]💚

I have to confess that number 13 is a magic number to me. Thanks to that number I won a little lottery (twice) at Christmas. 13 brought out one the best music albums I have ever heard in many years (from one of my favourite artists). 13 was the day a very special lady was born, a lady I once knew. 13 was my lucky number since I found under its magic some very special friends (probably the best friends I will ever had).💚

So 13 years ago today, Angel's Not Fade away was first aired. And for me this is the best reason and moment to give you my 10 Lorne Favourite Moments, 10 Awesome Reasons to watch Angel. My ten favourite moments of Angel (Of course, as you may guess, all Lorne related - ever doubt it?😉 ).

1. When Lorne is first introduce (Season 2) into the show he is in charge of a lovely karaoke bar called Caritas (and yet my favourit karaoke bar ever since). He reads peoples's future and auras while they sing. The first time Lorne and Angel met is probably one of my favourite scences ever.

2. Pylea arc (Season 2) is definitely my favourite Lorne moments of the whole series. But there's some scene in particular, I get goose bums every time I watch it. Let's called it  The "Somewhere over the Rainbow" moment. How can Lorne be so different from all their Pylean fellows. Truth to be told, the Pylea arc is full of Lorne Awesome moments. 😉

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Lorne-Angel) from My Andy Hallett's Place on Vimeo.

3. One of my favourite moments is when that spell goes wrong and Lorne tells the story and the comments in between while he was unconscious. I truly love this moment from Spin in the Bottle (Season 4).

4. This other moment is also one of the reasons why Lorne is my favourite character. He is so loving and caring with everyone, taking care of Faith when he actually knew nothing about her. This meme sums up pretty well everything.

5. This last one here is one of my other reasons why I love this show and Lorne. You can always feel safe with Lorne, no matter how much he moans, he loves doing good for others. He is an empathic demon, how can he not?.

6. If you don't know Lorne you might think he is another fighter. But he is not. He is anything but a fighter but he's got his way to win the evil ones over. He won't use his hands though, he uses his most powerful weapon: his amazing natural voice (and yes, it's Andy's voice all the time). In Happy Anniversary (Season 2) you can see some of his power.

7. So I am going to get a bit superficial here, but I am sure you will understand 😃 One of the cutest Lorne moments ever is on Life of The Party (Season 5) when he finally gets some sleep and that moment when Angel tucks him, his face is just the cutest!

8. Almost getting to end, and leaving the best for the end 😃 One of the most beautiful moments in the show is when Angel and Darla dance together while Lorne sings Get Here. (The reason why they do, you will have to find out watching the show 😉)

9. Another greater moment of the show is when Lorne, in this sad episode, hits Eve to protect Fred. That's just awesome moment and awesome lines. 

10. This one I share now, they are two different moments I like equally. One is the moment Lorne gets on stage and sings It's Not Easy Being Green and Lady Marmalade (The House Always Wins, Season 4) (the only two official songs we have to remember Andy) This other one it's just so great I got a t-shirt with this same photo and line. You just gotta love Lorne! 😈💚

13 years ago the show that gave us one of the brightest stars on the whole universe will come to the end, but in here I will make sure this star will never go out.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

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Ginny xx

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