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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Lorne still is our #1 💚

After 13 years Angel (The Series, Joss Whedon) aired its last episode, Lorne -one of the most popular characters among the viewers and fans of the show- still is #1 for many. Unforgottenable empathic and singing demon that made big impact in all of us, back then and now. To find out more on this awesome character and why he is so, you shall watch the show- you might want to read my post on Why You Should Watch Angel.

Just a random day on my Easter vacation when all of sudden my Facebook timeline gets different Lorne posts. What I love about  itis how many people still love the most awesom green skinned, red horned demon.

It's been only a couple of weeks since Andy's anniversary happened, and might that be the cause (?). I don't know. 

Nevertheless, it's awesome that Andy's character and work still so alive in all of us. And God knows, I try to do my part!

I'm sure he is your #1. Still, make sure to leave your comment here and show some Lorne 💚💚

Ginny xx

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