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Thursday, April 13, 2017

"I've had the time of my life" (Song of the Month)

You might not understand the reason why I post this today, why I chose this song. 🎵

Over the past months there have been many songs that reminded me of Andy but despite this song has nothing to do with him but it has to do a lot with me. There's a powerful reason to choose this song as my next "Andy" song of the month.

When I was a kid I used to play this song while playing in my bedroom with my toys, it made me dream, dance and fall in love with Patrick Swayze since the very first moment I saw the movie.

Few years ago I had some personal issues which I had to cope with and learned to get over them as time passed by. I thought I knew already all I have to know about life but then I met Lorne, I met Andy. Despite I never got to meet him personally, he brought back the old me, the one that get passionate for music and believes (again) dreams come true, the kid that dreams with big things and fights hard to get them.

Andy, as this song did when I was kid, made me dream big again, made me believe I could reach them, made my life bright and brought a smile to my face every time.

This songs is the reason why I love singing, why I love dreaming, why I love dancing. Andy just reminded me happier people are those with brighter heart.

That's me now.💚

Thanks for your comments on this post and song. You could also recommend me the next song of the month. Thank you. 😃

Ginny xx

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