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Thursday, March 09, 2017

The darkest turns to be the best on Release S4E14

Not pretend to be any spoilers in this so you can keep reading even if you haven't watched this episode just yet.

In just few days it's the 14th anniversary since this episode was first aired. One of the best episodes on Angel and Buffy.

Angelus is back in town and Wesley and Faith are about to fight him back and bring back Angel, that's gonna be a tough issue.

Andy Hallett (Lorne) gets his first credit as a regular and that for some Lorne lovers is just as awesome as having all the gang fighting for a good and happy end.

One thing I hate in here is Cordy's turn to be... to be ... to be.... (No spoilers in this, remember?). I don't like Cordy in this arc. 👿

Isn't Lorne awesome on that blue suit 😍

So, what's your fave moment on the show? Drop me a line on the comments below. Thanks!! 😉

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