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Monday, February 20, 2017

No Sadness Allowed.

I know it's hard not to be sad when someone you appreciated, admired, knew and loved has gone
right before you can even blink. I know it's hard to stay positive when such thing turns to be a tragedy, when the person is gone was too young to die - whatever the reasons, mostly of them on unfair develop of life circumstances.

I can understand because I had people gone but I think of them, when I remember those that were gone and important in my life, I always try to smile, try to remember those memories I have on them. Tragedies happen - way too often, I'm afraid-. We get people gone when we are not ready and takes too much to heal the wounds -if they ever do. But one thing is certain, you never get over it, you learn to live with it, you learn to live with them in your memory constantly, you learn to live, to relate everything with "if he/she was here...". The pain learns to remain sleep on your daily life, the pain seems to be numbed. Your heart learns to live with the little whole inside of you.

So no pretending to be frivilous on all this. I can never imagined some people's pain when it comes to Andy. I know what shock must have been. I can't even imagined, even with my powerful imagination and (sometimes) empathy... you can never tell such pain.

What I pretend is this place to be a fun place to remember Andy. This can be a fun one. I mean, there's a fact we cannot deny, Andy made us laugh all on many ways, not only as Lorne but in some other moments. I even laughed when I was reading an interview on him: imagining his giggles around the room would be enough reason to bring a smile to my face.

Please take no offense on what I say. I want happy memories, There's place for a bit sadness but I don't want to focus on that. I try to focus on the laughs - and every now and then when you laugh too hard, tears come up without noticing. We are all human and we need some solace.

Andy Hallett - his memory must live on forever

But to be honest with you, I'm still struggling with Andy's being gone. I sometimes wake up in tears, when I have a little more of stress at work or life in general, emotions go through the roof. You might have noticed if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I have my days.

But I won't let sad feelings run through me easily. I hate that because it would take me very easily to a dark side, a dark side I know well and I don't want to go back to. So I try to let the sadness away from this place and from me.

My tribute is to make sure Andy's giggles and voice remain forever in this world (a bit like when Angel wakes up to Lorne's singing American Anthem at the Hyperion on Season 2), and to reach that goal, my dear reader, I need to bring some light and laughter into this every-day-darker world.  Let it be by my daily tributes, my importante-dates-Tribute (with all of your help in this), the music (that Andy helped to reconnect with), videos,photos, screencaps or anything that my mind can think of. And of course, your suggestions and comments will help to make it happen.

We all want Andy to be happy and to rest in peace wherever he is. Once said that, once we know we are going to pray for his soul everytime we have the chance, it is time to have some fun on his honour. Let his life and his legacy lead us to a fun, inspirational, bright ride of life. As I like to say, let his life inspire yours.

One of the moments from Angel The Series, Season 2

So my only rule here is: visit, read, share, comment, cry, laugh but most of all, enjoy what this amazing soul left us and please, let him inspire you to bring some bright moments onto your life.

I'm sure we'll meet him on the other side when it's our time but meanwhile let's enjoy the ride. 

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