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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

God Only Knows what I'd be without Him

(Song of The Month)

It was Christmas when I first listened to this song. Andy Hallett had been in my life for a very short period but as the song says God only knows that this one would speak straight to my heart and remind me of this awesome man that left a big whole inside of us  and that could never be filled by anything or anyone. 

This song will just speak again about the big love, passion and devotin  I feel for a man that cannot longer know how he keeps touching people's lives and hearts. 

He wouldn't need to doubt it, if he could only see or feel. I truly wonder how he would feel or what he would think if he could knew...I don't mind much, to be honest. just as I make sure people won't forget about his grace, talent, voice and giggles.

Just a line that goes deep inside and reminds me of what I am because I found him.

And Oh those violins are like touching starts with my hand. One of those I know it's our Andy.

My imagination goes wild when I listen to Michael BublĂ©. Wouldn't be awesome if these two wouled ever duet? I can so picture this song with Andy's voice. It would give me goosebums, it would bring tears to my eyes but not because I shall feel sad but because of the way he touches my soul, like he once did...

God only knows what the world would be like if he was in it.