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Thursday, January 26, 2017

No more emotions, please! 💘

I think  I'm done with  all the heartfelt material of Andy around  the world.  

Please, it has to be so. I dont  think I can  deal with  anymore  surprises. 😢

Just  need  couple  of days  to deal with  what  Mark Lutz left  inside me by telling  about Andy and their friendship (they were best friends).

There are so many  thougths  running through my mind and can't  type  them all at once. My heart is breaking for the millionth time. 💔

How to deal with  myself  and this memories  left in my mind? It's  hard to do....

All I know  at this  point  I know  I will get over it.  I will somehow. 

Now you may wonder what  I have read? Simple:

The more  I know  the more I know  this  place of  mine is meant  to be.  And hope you all get  the meaning  of all this and same feeling....

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